Announces on Usenet

Well, it looks like even the usenet archives are losing memory of the post I published on Usenet newsgroups about the WebMail. As they are part of the project, here they are:

First announcement on comp.infosystems.www.announce, just about the demo:

From: Luca Manunza <>
Subject: SOFTWARE: WebMail, a www interface to e-mail
Date: 10 Mar 1995 16:35:57 -0800

We have developed a WWW interface to POP3 that supports 
(almost) all the standard functions of a mail-reader like Eudora.

An "active" demo can be found at <URL:>

The demo is currently in italian, but you should get the idea.

WebMail will be distributed to scientific and educational non-profit
organizations anywhere in the world free of charge, however a licence
has to be acquired. Send e-mail to for further

Luca Manunza <>

Second announcement, the public release with registration procedure:

Date: Thu, 30 Mar 95 15:45:57 +0100
From: Luca Manunza <>
Subject:  Re: SOFT> WebMail, a www interface to e-mail (fwd)

Dear future WebMail user,

We are now ready to distribute WebMail 1.21.
This version is the first public release. It has been tested
on these systems:

- DEC Alpha running OSF/1 v3.0
        Perl 4.036 and Perl 5.001
        POP3 server UCB v1.7
        Sendmail 5.65 (
        NCSA HTTP deamon v1.3

- IBM RS/6000 running AIX v3.2
        Perl 4.036
        POP3 server UCB v1.7
        Sendmail 5.67b/IDA-1.5
        NCSA HTTP deamon v1.3

- PC486 running LINUX 1.1.59 (Slackware 2.1)
        Perl 4.018
        POP3 server 1.004
        Sendmail 8.6.9
        CERN HTTP deamon v3.0

The WebMail pages look has been tuned using Netscape 1.0,
but it works as well with Mosaic.

To get a copy of WebMail 1.21 use the URL

Please, fill all fields of the registration form.

If your registration is accepted, a new page will appear, 
containing a link toward the distribution archive.
We have tried to make the installation procedure fast and easy.
Please, read all DOC files and the README.1ST.

Thanks for your interest in WebMail.

Luca Manunza.