So.. welcome to my blog. I decided to open this page mostly to tell the history of how and why I came up with the idea of creating the WebMail.

My WebMail was written in Perl 4, during February 1995. The 1.0 version was completed Feb 20, 1995 but it wasn’t officially released but for a few people who had their mailboxes hosted in CRS4’s mail server.

This the short history of releases:
* February 20, 1995 – version 1.0 – non public
* March 10, 1995 – interactive demo – webmail was announced on comp.infosystems.www.announce and a demo was available
* March 14, 1995 – version v1.14 – non public
* March 22, 1995 – version 1.20 – this wasn’t announced but available for download on CRS4 website
* March 30, 1995 – version 1.21 – first public release announced on comp.infosystems.www.announce
* April 28, 1995 – version 1.22
* May 8, 1995 – version 1.22a

Here you will find the archive I made at the time, to preserve the source code and all the material of the project. I found the archive in a very old CDROM taking dust on a shelf of my desk. I was surprised it was still readable!

So, since I believe it’s a piece of the history of Internet as we know it, I decided to put it here, freely downloadable by anyone as it was at the time I released it in early 1995 while I was working at CRS4.